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The Hop Shop's Philosophy

The Hollingworth Overseas Property Shop was born out of a determination to find property investments opportunities underpinned by facts, stats and a level of due diligence that significantly mitigated the risk of investing in emerging markets.

Detail and Transparency
On top of the cracking capital growth available, we wanted more than just a few indolent words of thin reassurance to back the potential financial risk we were taking.

We know through our personal experience as investors that there is a wealth of additional information required beyond the glossy brochures before we want to part with our hard-earned cash.

But many agents seemed unable to offer the level of detail we required to make an informed decision. After all, most of them are not in it for the long haul. They want their commission and then they're off, which means they don't have to worry about the repercussions of a development that doesn't live up to its initial sales pitch.

Above all, we wanted detail and transparency - especially in emerging markets, where the overseas property industry is still finding its feet, and where its immaturity is more likely to be exploited unless you understand the system or have the right contacts.

Market Intelligence
H&A therefore demands top down, bottom up market intelligence that give us the tools to judge a prospective property development on its present and future investment potential based on thorough research, market knowledge and a realistic assessment of how the property would fare in a downturn.

We like to base our purchases on more than a great climate, or whether there is a new golf course or swimming pool nearby. These aspects count for nothing if a country is on the verge of recession, or if the developer has built a property in the middle of a protected nature reserve.

It’s Not Just Location, Location, Location
From years of researching the marketplace, we know that the best property investment is not just its location. It is also about choosing the right market, getting the timing right, assessing the surrounding infrastructure, identifying the political and economic outlook, and perhaps most importantly looking to the future to gauge a market's sustainability.

It's vital to analyse the country you’re buying in, right down to the region, and thoroughly examine the local property market. A bargain only becomes a great investment opportunity when it has a sustainable value. Click here to read more about H&A’s Property Investing Criteria.

Property That Sells Itself
Only when a development meets our property investing criteria do we propose it to other investors. (Click here for further information).

  • We visit every development we promote
  • We meet the developers and as many of their team as possible
  • We inspect any previous developments they have produced
  • We check the surrounding area and assess the local infrastructure
  • We meet their lawyers and bank manager
  • We request site plans and expect copies of title deeds, planning permits and licenses
  • We view comparables in the area
  • We visit local attractions and gauge an area’s ‘pull factor’

At the end of the day we like to sleep at night, so it is against H&A’s beliefs to flog any old property.

What we sell is only what we believe is worth selling. And frankly, any investment opportunity we offer should sell itself – either because the property is just what you’re looking for, or because it’s the deal of a century.

Therefore, the information we provide will never be biased in favour of the seller. We will give you a clear picture of why we’re backing the developments we’re offering you, and describe any drawbacks alongside the plus points. That way you can make a fully informed decision, which is the only way to invest in our opinion.

Saving You Time And Money
We recognised that other investors simply don’t have the time to invest in weeks of painstaking research looking for just the right the property.

Trawling through endless websites, and making countless pricey trips and phone calls abroad looking for suitable properties and reputable services can be an extremely

frustrating and stressful business – especially if it’s not your day job and you don’t speak the local lingo.

Our hope is that you will start to recognise that H&A is here to provide you with some of the best property investment opportunities going.

Representing Your Interests
In the more mature markets, such as the USA and the UK, it is increasingly difficult to find rental yields that cover mortgage and maintenance payments, as well as capital growth in double digits.

This has led many investors to seek out property investment opportunities in the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Australasia, and South America, where a good majority of the best deals are to be found at the moment.

While there are many lucrative deals to be had, H&A recognise that looking after a property from thousands of miles away, or even up the road, is practically an impossible task. The distance can be a major financial drawback - unless you’re willing to throw in your day job and concentrate on maintaining your investments full-time.

Therefore, the miles between you and your asset make it vital that you have access to a reputable team of professionals who can ensure your property’s value is maintained, and who can act as a lifeline from a distance.

H&A’s property decision-making process factors in these aspects of the deal. On this basis we like to provide a ‘complete buying package’ for each of the developments we offer. This includes recommendations for independent solicitors, mortgage brokers, tax advisers, insurers, property management companies and letting agents. We will also arrange an independent surveyor to inspect the development.

These professionals are independent of the developer and their credentials will always be available to you.

Fees for their services will be clearly identified, so that you can budget for your property, and plan your investment strategy accordingly.

It is also worth noting that we rarely trust a ‘guaranteed rental yield’. The reason for this is that unless there is a bona fide tour operator on board actively promoting the development, it is most likely that the developer or an in-house managing agent has simply over-inflated the per square metre price, and will be providing the yield via the extra amount charged.

If you have a mortgage on the property, the potential of a developer’s monthly payment may be beneficial in an emerging market, though it should not be considered a ‘genuine rental yield’.

To view the Hop Shop’s latest property investment opportunities, Click here.



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