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Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility

Respecting Each Other and the Environment

H&A makes it company policy to ensure that everyone with whom we work as well as the physical environment in which we operate is given the utmost respect. This may seem an obvious statement, but our decision-making process and conduct at all times is governed by a strict sense of corporate social and environmental responsibility.

One of our core principles is the importance of openness and transparency in corporate activities. Clear, effective and unbiased information is fundamental to our transactions and dealings. We support equal opportunities and operate an ‘open door’ policy so that everyone from clients, to contractors, to in-house staff have the chance to put their ideas forward and discuss them with the directors.

Wherever possible, we seek out opportunities to support local businesses and encourage new enterprise.

We are also aware that the property industry faces huge challenges particularly with respect to environmental conservation. With this in mind, H&A factors into its decision-making process all the aspects of our industry that could affect the environment before we decide on a project.

We endeavour to minimise the potentially harmful effects of a project by working with companies who also subscribe to this view and are open to environmentally-friendly practices.

H&A is also actively involved in sourcing and producing 100% environmentally-friendly projects. To that end, we are currently involved in promoting land that can be utilised to produce bio-fuel and wind farms. Click here for more information.




Wherever possible, we send out brochures and information as emails or in a PDF format to help save the environment rather than post out paper copies. However, we can send you information by post if you prefer.


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